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One Piece*

Japan only

Our Shows

Our Podcasts are monthly, with a rotating schedule focusing game and anime reviews. As well as discussion episodes focusing on broader gaming topics, essay style questions and anime discussions.

Unlike other creators we don’t aim to put any game/anime down or get into arguments because we like to think gaming and anime is for everyone, not just the select few, every show and Game has it’s most dedicated fans.

Umai our newest addition to the GAL Group, is our delicious podcast focusing on Food and Foodie adventures throughout London. Kunai is still finding it's feet so expect content to change dramatically over the next year. Most of our episodes were recorded in 2018  ... YIKES !

Raji Raji No Mi returns from the dead with new episodes coming out periodically, where Hiro and guests discuss their thoughts on all things One Piece. Raji Raji No Mi is one of the only region specific podcasts from our research in 2016. All the other region specific podcasts have been absorbed into GALP, to give you a better unified experience.

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GAL - The Modern Podcast Network

Gone are the days of shitty agents and brand deals. Meet GAL, a podcast network made for podcasters by podcasters. I actually hate that line, it's so overused... but it's true. Our founder Bish (me ! - Hi I am breaking the 4th wall here) has over 12 years podcast production/management, having worked on over 8 Podcast Projects and consulted on a few more. 

Time to break the 4th wall completely, honestly I am so tired of writing in the 3rd person cause it hurts my head and I am a dumb bitch. Formerly known as the Get A Life Group, GAL has existed since I founded Get A Life Podcast in 2010. Haven't met many podcasts that are that old, I guess it's because we love doing what we do and it shows in our content. 

We are incredibly fortunate to have worked with the biggest and the best in the Anime and Gaming industries, having access to Anime courtesy of Crunchyroll/Funimation. (HiDive where ya'll at ? yeah I'm calling Ya'll out, we'd love to work with you too!)

As well has working with various big players in the games industry to provide content for you guys on launch date.

GAL is always looking for new opportunities, whether it's signing on new talent, podcasts or partnerships, if you are interested drop us an email (it's at the bottom of the page, so you gotta check the rest of the site)

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