GALP's Mascot

Meet Pea, the OG. (Oh that rhymed, who knew I was a poet). Pea works full time as the podcast's assistant helping to arrange interviews, write scripts, edit as well answer emails. She does it all, and on top of that she moonlights as a VTUBER, streaming newly released games as well as the classics. 


Fact File

D.O.B: 31/10/1980

Favourite Food: Crunchyroll (for the memes, but also because it's a better California roll... fight me!)

Place of Birth: Tottori, Japan

Likes: JRPG's, Action Games, Shojo Anime, VTubers

Dislikes: Gacha, Sci-Fi Anime, Sparkling aka Spicy Water.

Favourite Anime: Toradora

Favourite Game: Final Fantasy VII