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[Review] Dynasty Warriors : God Seekers (PS4, Vita)

Back again with another review, this time it's Dynasty Warriors God Seekers a tactical Role-Playing game set in the Dynasty Warriors Universe. Meaning that the characters , the settings, weapons and Character models all remain the same.

This game is a fantasy re-telling of Zhao Yun's story within the Dynasty Warriors 8 universe. I can assume that Zhao Yun is the protagonist and poster boy for this game as the Head Producer , Atsushi Miyauchi is a big fan of the character and considers him his favourite.

Many reviewers do think that this game is a spiritual successor to Dynasty Tactics, however it isn't and I'm not going to treat it as such. As this game is from an existing Koei IP , known as Eikitsuden. Previous Eiketsuden games followed the same format as this game, usually with different characters playing the protagonist , I.e. Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu , or Montari Mori.

Being new to strategy games, i did find the game easy to jump into without many complications. Right from the bat I have a few issues with the game, one of them being that the game runs at 720p and isn't even upscaled on Television to 1080p , this is noticeable by the black bars surrounding the screen.

The game is turn based with the map split into a grid similar to the Fire Emblem games. However unlike Fire Emblem this game doesn't have multiple endings or permanent death features.

Whilst playing I've noticed that making attacks that which affect multiple squares on the grid, doesn't let you move forward if that enemy is defeated. Which is poor game design considering that Dynasty Tactics and other strategy games by Koei have that feature implemented.

A lot of the gripes I have with this game can easily be fixed through updates. Although , considering the game has been out in japan for a year, I highly doubt we would be seeing updates to add or improve upon the game.

As a big fan of Dynasty Warriors, i was excited to know that having save files for Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends , grants you special costumes for the game as well as previous dlc that you've purchased. The skill tree within the game is pretty basic, as well as the UI.

The game in general doesn't seem worth £50, instead I feel this game should retail for less, or should have been bundled in with older dynasty warriors titles, considering that this game was created for the 15th anniversary of Dynasty Warriors series.

All in all if the game was cheaper and you are a super fan of dynasty warriors, it's worth picking up, however if you are new to the series I suggest playing Dynasty Warriors Empires , or if you are into strategy games, try out the newest addition to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games.

I give this game an 6.5 out of 10 .Dynasty Warriors God Seekers is out now worldwide on PS4 & Playstation Vita with support for Playstation TV. Outside of Japan it is a PlayStation Store Exclusive.

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