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[Review] PuyoPuyo Tetris (PS4, Switch)

Everyone likes mashups, am I right ?

Today we will be taking a look at PuyoPuyo Tetris a new puzzle game from Sega. As you can Imagine this game is the combination of Tetris and Puyo Puyo.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows what tetris is in some capacity, it’s pretty much ingrained in pop culture. However PuyoPuyo is interesting as not many of us know about it, although we probably would recognise it once playing some of it. The game itself overseas has been renamed countless times, and has even been re-skinned into different games for the western gamers. One example being “Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine” on the Sega Mega Drive.

The Aim of Puyopuyo is similar to tetris, but works slightly differently, and I feel it’s faster paced and more fluid. As the puyo are destroyed when 4 are next to each other in any formation.

But in regards to learning the game, the game does a great job of walking you through with having Interactive tutorials for Tetris, PuyoPuyo and Fusion Mode. I suggest for everyone to play the beginner tutorials, then go back as you play to learn more tips and tricks while you improve.

The game has 4 Game Modes , Adventure (Which is the story mode and your introduction to the PuyoPuyo Characters) , Solo Arcade, Multiplayer Arcade and Online (where you can play against friends or randoms online)

At Parties this game is a blast , extremely competitive and has a lot of variety with 4 Player Local Multiplayer. Modes available to play are :

Big Bang , (where you attack your opponents by clearing Puyo or Tetris Patterns as quickly as possible. everyone has health bars, your aim is to clear the stages the fastest and lower their health.)

Versus (this is based around score , whoever has the highest score after “x” number of rounds wins.)

Fusion (both Tetris Blocks and Puyo are on screen.)

Swap, (the game will switch out to either Tetris or Puyo at set intervals)

Challenge Mode

Party Mode , this is my favourite mode because it’s the only one I’m good at. and Because it’s fun to use abilities and items that can hinder your opponents.

The Game’s UI is beautiful , reminds me of a really cute Nintendo Wii game. The Characters are well designed also, reminds me of Panty and Stocking Characters and their voices are top tier. Very Sega-esque reminds me a lot of some Sonic Characters , Especially Zed. (Which isn’t surprising considering it’s developed by the Sonic Team)

I do wish the Japanese Voices were available to download as DLC , because they are also pretty good.

One last thing to mention before I give the score, the game has a shop where items like, new skins for Blocks/Puyo can be purchased with in game credits. Honestly I’m glad sega make the skins DLC.

I give this game a 9 out of 10 , an almost perfect score, Tetris is such a legendary game and it’s hard to add to it and make it more exciting but I truly believe Sega has hit the nail on the head with this mashup. I’m excited to see where this game will go into the future, hopefully esports tournaments.

This is a game anyone can pick up and enjoy , especially those at parties. It is best played with others, whether it’s locally or online.

Puyo Puyo Tetris is out now on PS4 (Physical Only) and Nintendo Switch (Physical and E-Shop) , although I suggest picking up the PS4 Version , it’s cheaper and the world wide player base in larger.

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