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[Article] Australian Senator Suggests Anime Ban ?

A little bit of context to this letter thingy, recently I read a disturbing article about Politics in Australia. You probably know what I'm talking about because every anime youtuber and their mom is talking about it.

The article focused on a speech made by Senator Sterling Griff in the Australian parliament. I will link a transcript of his speech from the Australian government's website, because I'm not bothered enough to quote directly from it.

So to make a long story short Senator Griff requests that the Police and the government ban anime that depict child abuse or child exploitation. And this is a noble cause , I understand why he has said it and most of his points are more than valid.

But I have a question for Senator Griff , " why Anime ?" Why not take this further to protect more children by applying this to all media that contains actual scenes of rape and child abuse ?

Because I personally feel that if Senator Griff truly cared for the safety of children, he should be urging the government and police to crack down on crime , to arrest sex offenders and to make sure those who are arrested are properly trialed and sent to jail to rot.

I also wonder if Senator Griff has personally seen the anime he referenced in his speech.

Mr Senator, did you watch each episode of these anime on context, in relation to the rest of it's episodes in that season ? Or did you or a staff member just watch clips of the shocking and horrific scenes ?

To me it seems as though you only watched the first ten minutes of Goblin Slayer , only focusing on the rape scene and called it a day.

Yes I agree the scene is disturbing and it turns my stomach, infact I wanted to drop the show, because of this very scene. However if you have watched the show in it's entirety, you would understand why this scene was included.

The Goblin Slayer kills Goblins out of pure hatred, they attacked his village and raped his mother and sister. The anime doesnt fetishize rape, the scenes aren't there to arrouse people in the audience. The scenes are included to disgust the audience , so that you too share the same hatred for those Goblins, truly understanding Goblin Slayer's motive for killing Goblins.

I highly doubt that mentally stable individuals, will go and decide to emulate what's being depicted in the show. This anime existence in Australia isn't going to motive sex offenders in Australia or any where for that matter.

Mr Senator, you mentioned Sword Art Online. And yes I agree it should be banned ... because it's a shit show after season 1. But all jokes aside , yes , it's filled with scenes that are more ecchi than others and in fact in the 3rd season there is a rape scene, involving characters whom I assume are no older than 16 years old.

Watch that episode in full, episode 10 of season 3. Kirito and Eugeo go in , prevents the rape from occurring and then preceeds to punish the sex offenders by chopping their hands and arms right off.

Kirito, a fictional character is doing more to combat sexual abuse , that what your proposed anime ban will ever do !

Another thing I'm worried about is the repercussions on the anime industry and the state of your country. I understand you feel that content that depicts such content should be banned regardless of context, to prevent child abusers from thriving or using this content as tools or finding a community they can co-ordinate with.

However, true child abusers will find ways of abusing secret. By proposing a crack down on anime, you won't change anything. You won't resolve the problem, it might seem like it's working, but its deep rooted, there are numerous underground networks for such disgusting individuals to congregate.

What you are suggesting can be compared to cutting the weeds in the garden instead of pulling them out from the root.

Before I end this, I want to explain what I think may happen to the anime industry. You are putting Australian Anime/Gaming licensors and distributors at risk of bankruptcy. As most anime contains such material in one form or another. Even Dragon Ball Z a show in which many ofbmy audience grew up watching, contained sexualised fan service !

If companies such as Madman Entertainment and Anime Lab go bust, that's alot of jobs gone and alot of tax revenue lost for the Australian government. Specialist manga stores may close due to lack of customers or the inability to stock certain manga in the country.

You then lead the anime community into piracy to watch shows , which isn't beneficial to those people to make the anime.

I doubt you will read this or if you actually care. I just wanted to throw my opinion out there an opinion many anime fans across the globe share.

Infact I'm interested to know more about your opinion and tried to get in contact with your office but wasn't able to because I don't live in Australia.

Thanks for those who are reading this, apologises for the rant, but I felt that the senator's argument for banning anime is bullshit, disgused under a noble cause, so I needed to put it out there.