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[Review] Hori Split Pad Pro (Nintendo Switch)

If ya'll don't know, I own a fair amount of Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch. All Official stuff. I have large hands, so I used to hate playing the Switch in hand held mode. It would be super uncomfortable, trying to hit those small buttons. I was always afraid of accidentally crushing the controller in my hands.

That's no longer an issue with the Split Pad Pro from Hori. The Hori Split Pad Pro, is an officially licensed "replacement" for Joy-Cons. I say this because there is a lot missing for it to be a true replacement. For example the controller doesn't feature any form of rumble, motion controls, IR sensor, NFC, or wireless. As a result this controller is incredibly light, and can only be used in handheld mode.

The way I see it, the controller intended for Handheld players. It's lightweight and cheap enough that you won't worry if it broke in transit. Not that it will, this thing is incredibly well built. The controller was designed for shooters in mind, hence the Daemon X Machina Branding. Meaning this game pad is works really well for those games, and others like Fortnite.

Personally I use this game pad for anytime I'm playing in handheld, because it's comfortable and it feels familiar like a PS4 or Xbox controller. The face buttons are moulded from hard plastic although they feel soft when pressing. Similar to a Dualshock 2 controller. This makes it incredibly easy and comfortable to play hack n slash games, or games that you need to smash buttons a lot.

The controller is incredibly well designed, with large L & R buttons that you can't miss, full sized thumb-sticks that don't have a drift issue like Nintendo's own joy-cons. On top of that it's got mappable rear paddles, which has a very short travel, perfect if you want to go prone quickly in shooters, or switch weapons. It's very useful in visual novels, if you want to advance text quickly etc. My only issue with the rear paddles is that you can only remap it with buttons on that side of the controller, meaning you may not really use the left paddle at all. It's also got a turbo function on it, I didn't really use it that much other than in animal crossing to pick up weeds from the ground.

That being said, this is a lovely controller that I always bring with me, when I am playing switch on the go. I must say this isn't for everyone and it's not compatible with all switch games. So if you play a lot visual novels, RPGs or hack n slash games in portable mode, definitely pick this up


+ Cheap and Cheerful

+ Turbo Functions

+ Re-mappable Rear Paddles

+ Full Sized Buttons + Inclusion of a proper D-pad

+ Wonderful concave thumb-sticks

+ No need to waste your time pairing


- Lack of notable features like, rumble, IR, Motion Controls etc

- Can only be used in handheld mode

This Hardware review covers the Hori Split Pad Pro for the Nintendo Switch.

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