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GAL Anime Podcast Update (July 24)

Hey, it's me Bish with the first ever Gal Gazette Post.

What is the GAL Gazette ... it's basically a blog with posts and stuff.

For those that don't know GALP got started in it's basic form through tumblr back in 2010 or so. And now we are here with some form post every week.

This can consist of my thoughts on certain anime and games series/genres, as well as updates on the podcasts that we do and extended posts that we would normally post on twitter/X.

So without further ado ... here is the update.

Kunai is changing... after 10 years of this show running, we've finally decided to give it a name. No one actually knows this but Kunai wasn't the real name for our anime Podcast.

I like to have code names, and project "Kunai" was born. It was originally supposed to be an anime takeover on Get A Life Podcast for a few episodes in a year where gaming news was sparse. And it was originally going to focus on Naruto ... hence the code name Kunai.

What was I thinking ? Naruto ? I never really enjoyed long running shonen series like that, I thought maybe it might be a good way to increase viewers and what not.

Anyway the idea evolved over many years to what it is today. We've cemented the idea behind the show and what we want to achieve, so here it goes.

Kunai is becoming Animation Station. The show isn't going to change, the format is going to remain the same. And so will everything else, mascots and artwork included.

We have a new logo to reflect this, an Eki Stamp, that you would normally find in a JR station. The Eki Stamp features an Otaku and a train. We thought about this name and logo for a while now, and thought it would be the best to change.

Currently we are planning on additional content for Animation Station and GALP, as well as some restructures on our other shows. To ensure ya'll get consistent weekly content across our network

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