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Kunai #49: TfL Anime Noticeboards w/ @letsdrawmore85

Just a bit of background for this episode, it was pre-pandemic, MCM Expo 2019, on my way back for the long day of reporting, I stumbled across some awesome anime artwork on the TfL Noticeboards in Canning Town Underground Station, London.

Intrigued by this, I reached out to TfL and Anthony (@letsdrawmore85) to have Ant on the podcast to discuss his love for Anime, mental health and the true inspiration behind the boards. As well as the future for his project. Be sure to support Ant and listen to the episode. The guy is doing some great work.

To celebrate the Episode's Launch he drew GALP's Mascot, the lovely Ms. Pea, on the boards. We also commissioned him to paint Pea on canvas. Pictures to follow!

BIG SHOUT OUT TO @LetsDrawMore85 (Ant) and @TfL for making this episode happen, hoping to cover this more in the future as the story evolves.

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Pretty Awesome Stuff I must say, for more on what Anthony is doing follow him on twitter, insta and TikTok @LetsDrawMore85

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