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Podcast Update 03/02/20

Hey all it's me Bish, just wanted to update ya'll on the podcast, so you know what's going on currently . Yeah ... let's just jump right into it !

Episode Release Schedules

Kunai will return to once a month release schedule, with a new episode coming out on every second weekend of the month. This means our oreimo episode should release on the 14th/15th of March , and the episode after that releasing on the 11th/12th of April.

We done this to ensure you guys get consistent Kunai Episodes each month. So remember that's every second weekend of each month !

With GaLP, we are working on going back to a weekly release schedule with shorter episodes that will be 45 mins to 1 hour in length, like the good ol' days. But until then a new GaLP will release on the last weekend of each month, meaning the next GaLP episode will air on the 28th/29th March.

We are making this change to bring you more content for GaLP, on a regular basis. Content on Kunai isn't really time sensitive as it's mostly anime reviews, which are timeless, however content on GaLP is time sensitive.


You may have noticed that in the last five years, we have introduced sponsors on the podcast. It was difficult finding sponsors that are related to Anime and Japanese Gaming Culture, as well as brands you know and trust.

It's also worth mentioning, that we will continue our mid-roll trial for GaLP and other Podcast Projects. Kunai will remain unaffected, only having sponsor mentions in the start and end of episodes, during the disclaimer. This is done so we don't disrupt the flow of conversation.

I want to thank our sponsors Japan Crate and Crunchyroll for supporting the Podcast over the years, allowing us to continue to make great Anime and Gaming content.

We don't make money directly from ad-reads, mid-rolls or website ads. So when you use our affiliate links and support our sponsors , you support the Podcast !

Finally on the Topic of Sponsors, we are happy to announce that J-List is the newest sponsor of the Podcast.

Personally we love and use J-List alot, especially when it comes to authentic Japanese import goods , like region exclusive games, or anime figures and merchandise.

Once again when you shop on J-List using our link, www.getalifepodcast.com/j-list , you support the podcast. So make sure you preorder this beautiful figure featuring Megumin from Konosuba !

Lastly on the topic of J-List , if you use the code "galp" at checkout , you get 5% off anything in the store ... including preorders !


Finally I would like to announce that we are working on a podcast design with new fonts, logos and the arrival of three new podcast mascots, whom we will reveal at a later date. The mascots will represent the 3 podcasts , we intend to run/support in the future, GaLP, Kunai and a secret podcast project to be announced next year.

We are hoping you will love these mascots, as much as we do. Truly the idea of mascots isn't a unique one on our end, alot of sites that focus on Japanese Games including Moe Gamer and Digitally Downloaded , which have excellent mascots might I add !

So we thought for the sake of brand recognition we should do the same. Also I want to go on the record and say , I think our main mascot for GaLP is far better than Dee Dee ... shots fired ... Matt don't @ me !

All jokes aside ... the mascots will have special artwork through out the year, for different events, such as birthdays, christmas, halloween etc. This all depend on the podcast's budget so support our sponsors babes !

We are also hoping to do collaborative artwork featuring the mascots of our friends and sponsors.

Now imagine our mascots visiting a museum with Digitally Downloaded's Nettie, watching anime with Crunchyroll Hime, or a mukbang with JC from Japan Crate.

How about our mascots shopping in Akihabara with Megumi from J-List. The possibilities are endless !

As you can tell the future is exciting for me and the whole team at the Get A Life Podcast. We hope you continue to support and grow with us !

Thank You

- Bish Loves Mish