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[Review] Razer Cynosa V2 (PC)

I am not the biggest PC Gamer, as you guys may or may not know. I was unsure what to expect when I was sent the Cynosa. It's marketed as a gaming keyboard but a lot of gamery keyboards out there tend to be mechanical. This keyboard is membrane, which has its advantages. One of those being it's spill-resistant (A feature I accidentally tested out). I made that mistake so you don't have to but I can tell you the keyboard will still work if you spill a glass of water over it as you are working. It will even work without wiping it dry, although I don't recommend that.

I must say this keyboard is wonderful to type on, far better than a chicklet style keyboard you would find on a laptop or even on the Mac's Magic keyboard. I don't feel any discomfort typing for longer periods of time, in fact the last 5 reviews on this site were typed on this keyboard. I love it so much.

I don't really see this keyboard as a gaming keyboard. The design isn't aggressive compared to the other gaming keyboards out there. I say this keyboard is more designed for productivity with typical gamer features built in, like RGB Back-lighting with Razer Chroma supported titles. My favourite feature of this keyboard has got to be the macros. I edit a lot of video, audio and artwork for the podcast, so this keyboard felt like a god send. At the press of a button, I can open up programs, perform program specific functions, open twitter, or quick reply to an email.

This keyboard saved me a lot of time, allowing me to work more efficiently. The macros themselves can be mapped to almost every key, apart from the Windows key. Personally, I assign all my macros to the numpad and function keys. This can all be done within the Razer Synapse software. The software can be a bit tricky to get used to at first, but there is so much awesome stuff to do. For example I set my macros to different colours so that I know what is what, by association.

Speaking of colours, Synapse allows you to create custom lighting profiles, to personalise the keyboard to your own standards. These profiles aren't saved on the keyboard, it's all done within Synapse, meaning it may take a while for your profiles to load when you first boot up your computer.

The design of the keyboard isn't striking, but I enjoy this stealth approach to design. I am not a fan of gamery products, it's often over done and tacky. This is a keyboard I would see in an office environment. There isn't much branding other than a small Razer logo at the bottom. Another smart design choice is the integrated cable channelling, which allows for better cable management.

All in all this is a fantastic keyboard, especially for professionals or anyone working in an office environment. It's not loud or clicky. It's spill-resistant, with dedicated media keys and the possibilities are endless with the ability to turn any key into a macro key. Honestly, I find that the macros are worth the £60 RRP alone.


+ Cheap and Cheerful

+ Dedicated Media Keys

+ Spill-Resistant

+ Individual Backlit Keys + Awesome levels of Customisation

+ Quieter than Mechanical Switches

+ Ability to turn every key into a Macro


-Takes time to fully understand the Synapse Software

- Wobbly space bar

This Hardware review covers the Razer Cynosa V2 for the PC. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Razer for providing me with the opportunity to review this Keyboard

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