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[Review] TTR World Tour : Nitro Edition (Nintendo Switch)

When you were a child did you , often use what was in your room to create obstacles for your hot wheels or scalextric cars ?

Only me ok, well join me as I delve into my childhood with Table Top Racing Nitro Edition.

This game is oddly nostalgic to me in many ways, its demolition style racing game for the Nintendo Switch, where the tracks are complied of places you would find a child playing with a toy car. Exciting tracks like , The yacht where mum and dad are getting totally sloshed on wine , the Yo Sushi where mum and dad are getting gazeboed on Sake, the junk yard ... where mum and dad are getting hammered on moonshine.

Ah the memories of youth.


All Jokes aside this game , brings back positive memories of playing co-op racing games on the playstation 2, games like Need for Speed and SSX. I feel that's due to the amount of customisation in this game. From wheel modifications like the gladiator rims, that allow you to ram into players and damage their tyres, all the way to tyres that protect you from any incoming attacks from other players.

You also have a large number of cars to choose from, all of which are based off from real life/pop culture , like the Sprinter Trueno AE86 from Initial D or the British Classic Mini Cooper. Paint mods can be added at a cost to change the look of the car , in addition to that you can upgrade the car's handling , acceleration , top speed stats and change them on a whim to better suit the event you are partaking in.

I must say with all of the customisation featured in this game, the game can get repetitive quickly , grinding for coins to upgrade cars to get to the next stage. It actually annoyed me that the game relies on this coin system to progress, there is no other way of earning coins quickly other than finding medals in stages , and completing stages.


The Tracks are quirky, it's very refreshing to drive on top of a sushi conveyor belt , knocking plates and bottles of soy sauce creating obstacles for opponents. However it looses its novelty quickly when you find your self repeating the tracks several times. There is a lack of tracks, with the game having modified track designs in one theme as opposed to more varied track designs.


The Game modes is where this game shines, especially in local co-op, there is no better feeling than shooting a rocket at an opponent in first place. Time trails is great if you prefer that single player experience. Honestly the game modes worth playing with friends are Elimination and Combat, the others are stale in comparison.

TTR is missing a few features, such as the ability to remap buttons, there are a few control schemes on the switch, but I would have preferred to use the A button on a pro controller to accelerate instead of being forced to play on a single joy con if I wanted to use A for Acceleration.

The two stick movement system isn't really the best for a game like this in my opinion, naturally I would often try and use face buttons or turn the controller around thinking that this game had motion control support.

Overall Rating

All in all this game is ok , I enjoyed playing it but I don't see this game being enjoyed for more than 3 hours at a party. The game has potential and I feel that with more time spent on optimising it for switch , it could be a worthy rival to games like Mario Kart or Crash Nitro Kart

It's getting a 6/10 from me.



+ A lot of Car Customisation

+ Creative, Quirky Stages

+ Fantastic Music Tracks


- Awkward Controls

- No Motion Controls

- Long Grind for Unlocks

- Very Repetitive

This review covers the Nintendo Switch version of TTR Nitro Edition . I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Greenlight Games & Playrise Digital for providing me with the opportunity to play this Quirky game and write this review.

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