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[Review] Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate (Nintendo Switch/PS4/PC/Xbox One)

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, truly this is the Ultimate Musou game.

This is a very difficult review for me to write because I don't have much criticism. In my opinion Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is the best Modern Musou game and it feels like a love letter to the fans.

Many people may take certain features and improvements for face value but, they make a huge difference. Mainly the redesigned UI, making it easier to select your team, level up characters and view bond events between characters.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, also brings with it a slew of new characters, some exclusive to the franchise in the form of gods and mystics and returning Fan Favourites like Ryu Hayabusa.

In comparison to previous titles in the franchise, characters are way more balanced, Hayabusa for example is no longer over powered to the point that you don't need to switch characters. The game does a great job of encouraging you to utilise your whole team through new character switching mechanics, like Musou Chaining. Musou chaining allows you to perform musous one after another with your team. This is a returning feature from Warriors Orochi 3 ultimate and Warriors All Stars.

I mentioned that characters are less over powered than the base game ,which can be annoying for some but I see it as a more than welcome change. However there are new systems in place to improve character stats. The promotion system from 3 Ultimate returns having you reset your rank to 1 , each time you reach 100, it is optional though. However if you decide to go for it , you are rewarded with Gem Bonuses , additional skill tree unlocks, the ability to uncap your stats.

The game isn't perfect but it's close though, Koei and Omega Force took a game that was Mediocre and through small quality of life changes made it to a True Musou Game of old.

With additional game modes like the infinity mode which has you clear challenge stages to eventually battle against Zeus. Aswell as new chapters and story content for previous chapters.

The new Fragment of Perseus side Objectives, give a reason to replay the story, collecting them also unlocks the final chapter of Warriors Orochi 4, just like how playing all the side missions in orochi 3 unlocked the true ending.

Upon the completion of chapter 7 , you get even more customisation options, in the form of Attribute restriction, which basically restricts or nullifies weapon attributes. Combining this with Chaos or Pandemonium difficulty, is amazing cause I can't rely on absorption or osmosis for the harder difficulties.

For the longest of time, I felt like LuBu i have been waiting for Koei to provide me with a decent challenge and they did.

The new characters in this game are amazing , Gaia is fantastic, Hades also and Perseus is kinda meh. Basically he is akin to Orochi and Orochi X , his moveset is pretty much the same as Loki's , I understand why he is in the game, but he feels like a waste of a character. Much like dodomeki in orochi 3. Instead I would have liked to have Thor as a playable character, it felt as if Koei was teasing us in the base game as his iconic Weapon Mjolnir being just a sacred treasure. It would have been nice to see him introduced.

Speaking of Sacred Treasures, the game has added Xiaotan as Yang Jian's sacred treasure which is pretty awesome. I wasn't expecting Xiaotan to be so cute though, considering he has the power to attack and eat demons/evil spirits. In addition to that any character can use any Sacred Treasure !

Its also great that they included Yang Jian after reading both Journey to the West and Fengshen Yan Yi , its nice to see a character in the game that is familiar with the Mystics , Sun Wukong and Daji, he is basically a bridge between the characters. In past games it didn't make much sense how all these characters were related etc, but the addition of Yang Jian is like the final piece of the puzzle.

That's what I love about Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, it ties loose ends, gives you a complete musou experience with the most customisation in a musou game, adds a slew of new game modes and re-playability options, and most importantly brings back the decent challenge I've been yearning for since Dynasty Warriors 4 Hulao Gate.

Thank You Koei and Omega Force for creating such a beautiful game and I know people will accuse me of fan-boying but I truly think that Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate deserves a perfect score . It's the best musou game I've played in a long time.

But you know life isn't fair ...

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate gets a 9.5 out of 10 , it didn't get a perfect score because of the lack of proper Costumes and BGM tracks. Warriors Orochi 3 had almost all the tracks from every DW and SW game as well as at least 4 alternate costumes for each character , based from previous game appearances.We don't even get that option for DLC , so why include the option to change costumes Koei, if we don't have anything to change into. Removing an eye patch from Xiahou Dun doesn't count as a new costume.


+ Over 170 Playable Characters

+ Hours of Replay Value

+ New Additional Game Modes

+ Customisable Difficulty Settings

+ Has Got a Doggo That Eats Demons

+ Feels Like Musou Games of Old

- Limited Selection of BGM

- Limited Selection of Costumes (DLC & Base Game)

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is out today , February 14th 2020, for PS4 , PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Big Thanks to Koei Tecmo Europe, for providing us with a copy of the game to review