Umai's Mascot

Meet Lime, not only is she Pea's daughter but she is annoying AF, always snacking on something, popcorn, pocky, flaming hot Cheetos you name it. 

She isn't that good at cooking, but give her some slack, she's trying her hardest to learn how to cook. So if she gives you chicken that's somehow both burnt and raw you gotta shut up and enjoy it. Sorry, I don't make the rules here.

Fact File

D.O.B: 05/02/2000

Favourite FoodBrobean's Spaghetti (it's gross day old spaghetti, she learnt during her time at uni)

Place of Birth: Yokohama, Japan

Likes: Fashion, Sweets, Film PhotographyShojo Anime

Dislikes: Horror Movies, Swimming, 

Favourite Anime: Asobi Asobase

Favourite Game: Ratchet & Clank